Station Des Sports

Montreal's Biggest Sports Bar Website Redesign

Station Des Sports Logo and Website design 2016 Rebrand Montreal Freelancer

The Challenge

After 7 successful Sports Stations in Montreal, the owners of the sports bar realized that their hacked WordPress site wasn't going to cut it.

The Solution

They decided it was time to seek out professional help with their web presence. After the redesign and all improvements, the website is getting over 10,000 visits/month!

Restructuring the website

The previous website had too many links in the navigation bar that mixed up the important pages with the “not so important pages” making it confusing for visitors trying to navigate the website.

I decided to design the website in a simplistic, yet organized manner, keeping the most visited pages at the top of the navigation bar and placing the less important pages on the home page or relocating them to the footer of the website.

Station des sports redesign website development freelancer montreal Capp Studio

Mobile First + Google Maps

When it came to the design of the mobile site, I focused on making it easy for a person on the road, giving quick and easy access to the phone number and maps of where Sports Station is located. I was able to do that by using Google Maps APIs.

The Maps page is more of a “Find a Station” page where you can see all the Sports Stations on one map. The user can then select the station they’d like to see more details on.

google maps API coder montreal freelancer website developed with google maps location target

Food photography

Today, if your website does not have pictures of the menu, then you’re not selling as much as you should be. Taking good pictures of your food is essential to being successful in the restaurant business.

The difference between a website with food pictures and one without is simple. Pictures are really everything. You need that photography.

food photography Taking good pictures of your food is essential to being successful in the restaurant business montreal

Food Menu on the website

If you are a restaurant but don't have a detailed & well-displayed menu, you need to get on that website ASAP. Your visitor looked you up on google and clicked on your website. He either wants to see what you're selling or maybe get information to get to your restaurant. He might also be on your website because his friend just told him to go eat there and that it's amazing... People judge books by their cover, wether you like it or not, your website is your online cover.

Having that in mind, I made Station des Sports website food menu very organized and detailed, just like you would find on the printed version. I placed the food by category and splitting the subcategories with its image.

Station des Sports website food menu very organized and detailed printed version web designer food menu online montreal

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