PH Windsolutions

Innovative Wind Blade Mould Automation Systems

Branding Logo Project Graphic Design for PH Windsolutions - Animated gif logo

Custom Wordpress Theme

I had already completed a few projects for PH Windsolutions prior to working on their website, such as creating an animated logo, designing a flyer, as well as product photography. 

They wanted a website that was mobile-friendly and maintained internally. I decided to offer them a custom Wordpress theme.

ph windsolutions website design custom wordpress theme

Product Photography

For product photography, I did a very in depth photoshoot of all the machines and products they sell. Their products ranged from small products to huge hydrolic machinery weighing more than an ton. 

ph windsolutions heavy machinery photography montreal product photography

Print Elements

These flyers were designed for a trade show happening in Germany therefore they were in English and Dutch. 

Brochure design 3 fold ply montreal company wind industry trade fair

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