Making It Easy for People to Book a Virtual Appointment With a Notary

Notary Pro Hero App Mockup wide center full

Notary Pro Canada is making the notary public experience easier and better. They offer a modern notarization experience by delivering fast, friendly and affordable services for in-person and remote online notarization. I collaborated with Notary Pro to design their new web app that both notaries and clients use.

I worked with NotaryPro to review, prototype, design & deliver the desktop and mobile application UI designs to their development team. The challenge was to make our designs work around the limitations of third-party integrations that were core to the platform & reworked multiple flows — improving the user experience.

Notary Pro app U Idesign screenshot1 before 2
Notary Pro app U Idesign screenshot1 after 2
We had an excellent experience working with Mateo. He added significant value to our platform and offered new designs that helped improve the user experience.
David Barder , Chief Marketing Officer & Partner
NotaryPro platform User interface and user experience redesign view of all screens in a grid.

A platform notaries were happy to use

With the evolution of the design and prototype, began a lot of discussions with the development team. The more we simplified the UI and UX for the admins, notaries, and clients, the more complex it all became. After weeks of brainstorm meetings, designing, and asking the right questions, we managed to get around all the blockers that arose. We launched a platform that had a much better user experience — a platform notaries were happy to use.

Notary Pro Mobile UI Design Screen 1
Client waiting for meeting screen
Notary Pro Mobile UI Design Screen 2
Client & notary viewing docs
Notary Pro Mobile UI Design Screen 3
Call has ended screen

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