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Website Redesign Project 2.0

Integral founded their start-up in 2014, that was when I had built them their first site. It was a simple one-page website that did what it was supposed to. But as the company grew, the website also had to morph into the beast that it would become.

When Integral asked me to build them a new site, they kept referring to a competitor's site; they liked everything about it! I took inspiration from it and built something bigger and better for Integral's website project.

Website project for montreal company. web design and custom development went into the integral process website.

Designing a Clean Navigation

I take navigations seriously, and for good reasons. It's probably the most used component of all websites. Its where most of your website's links live, if not all. It's where people go to find a page on your site, it should be quick and easy to find what they're looking for; whether on mobile or desktop, no compromising. 

I decided to go with a simple, yet organized navigation structure:

  • 3 main categories as primary link dropdowns
  • Contact link on the far right
  • Secondary links on the top right of the page.

They wanted a kickass website, so I gave it to them.

Custom Wordpress Theme developed for Montreal Integral Process company. Website designed and built by Freelancer Mateo.
Mateo provided us great support and ideas to establish the new version of our company website not only as a promotional tool but as a technical support tool as well.
Johnathan Lesage , Co-Founder at Integral Process Equipment

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