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Improving the User Experience for Viewing the Architects Master Plan.

The Pinegrove Golf Club committee, in collaboration with a course architect, recently developed a master plan to implement a series of significant changes to the golf course. In collaboration with the committee members, we crafted a plan to create an engaging presentation to communicate all changes to investors and private members.

The initial proposal to develop a long-form webpage was content-heavy and lacked energy, contextual information, and polish, resulting in a dull presentation. To better communicate the project and excite stakeholders, we decided to develop a bespoke web experience that would convey the scale and importance of the project.

Golf course in Montreal website redesign that shows a hole by hole best user experience showing everything in a very nice web design.

Our solution; an interactive micro-site.

Designing and developing a multi-page micro-site enabled Pinegrove Golf to communicate an abundance of information in a much more concise and organized manner. Each alteration to the golf course has been divided by hole, with a clear before and after view, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the changes and visualize the future of the 18 holes. The resulting experience has been received with tremendous excitement and allowed Pinegrove golf to align its vision with the members.

As a result of Mateo's compelling website presentation, all members voted in favor. The first stage of the project will begin in the coming months. The site was a massive success.
Louis-Alexandre Pitre , Golf Director and Head Golf Professional

Golf Course Interactive Map

To ensure that private members navigate the entirety of the website and visualize each layout change, we focused on creating an intuitive and interactive map that acts as the primary navigation system. Laying out the contents of the master plan on top of the course helps reinforce each construction project. Additional navigation touchpoints are designed on each page to ensure users have multiple ways of interacting with the micro-site. In addition, the mobile experience has also been carefully considered for accessibility by all users.

Before and After.

It was crucial to demonstrate each alteration to the golf course accurately. To achieve this, I worked closely with the course architect to create detailed illustrations for the 238 changes. These graphics allowed us to develop precise visuals, easily visible with the before and after toggle.

The work produced by Mateo impressed every member of the committee. The way he brought ideas to life and the way he made them happen exceeded our expectations.
Louis-Alexandre Pitre , Golf Director and Head Golf Professional

Easy updates with a tailored content management system.

With this project's complexity and ever-changing nature, it was crucial to build the website with an intuitive and simple backend. I selected the Craft CMS platform, which provides a lightweight, minimal interface. This solution allowed me to collaborate with the client to create specific custom fields to minimize complexity and ensure Pinegrove team members can make updates quickly and efficiently. Every key element is customizable from the imagery, content, and location pins.

Craft CMS website design for a private golf course in Quebec Canada.

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