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Clever brand & website design for a renovation company.

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Rebrand Project

Finition Decoram is a home interior renovation company from Montreal. This project is about its full rebrand, which consists of the new brand/logo, business cards & redesign of the website.

Montreal construction and renovation company rebranding, animated gif, design logo

Branding Process

From the very beginning, I knew that incorporating a house into the logo would make it more self-explanatory. It took a few drafts to get to the final logo, but the client was very happy with the outcome. 

The requirements were:

  • Be clean, minimal & memorable
  • Have the letters F & D in the icon
  • Symbolize a house/renovation 
  • Color Red, Orange or Yellow
Montreal Construction logo process for a home interior renovating company FD logo

Business Card Design

When it came to designing the business cards, I had complete creative freedom. Making the cards vertical as opposed to horizontal gave them a more unique feel and simply fit the businesses brand a lot nicer. I was also able to choose the finish of the cards, so I went with a soft touch finish, so that the person receiving the card will want to hold onto it.

construction company Montreal business card design and print and full rebrand with new logo and website

Website Design & Development

The Finition Decoram website is minimal, clean and straightforward. I made sure to integrate sleek animations from the very first load of the homepage, captivating visitors attention.

One thing is for sure, this website has Quality & Reliability written all over it.

website design of construction/renovation company from montreal west-island

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