Dreads MTL

Dreadlocks Made Fashionable

MTL dreadlock maker and fixer, company based in montreal logo design by freelancer web developer in Montreal

My Special Project

Dreads MTL is my special project. I started Dreads MTL at the age of 20, that's right, when I was younger, I made & fixed dreadlocks!

This website design is probably Dreads MTL's 4th website iteration. Every year, I would rebrand and redesign the website. (P.S. I actually started this thanks to a school project.)

Year after year, I would learn a lot from other projects and this was my sandbox, where I'd improve things and apply new techniques - Always trying to make it better.

website design clean left navigation bar responsive custom code by designer in montreal freelancer web developer Mateo

Mobile Navigation

The goal was to make a nice mobile responsive site where a visitor could contact me at ease – With quick Text or Call buttons in the mobile navigation dropdown.

Dreads MTL website designer in montreal freelancer custom css mobile friendly responsive website design iphone mobile

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